Luxury Car


Luxury cars rental services offers in Car Rent Iran is available, in order to fulfill the travel requirements of the tourists. Our team of professionals manages a fleet of luxury cars; these vehicles are maintained and operated by a team of highly qualified people in order to serve the very important persons (V.I.P) efficiently.

Mercedes Benz Car / BMW

Mercedes – Benz is a benchmark in its class. We offer luxury class Mercedes on rental basis to our clients. Considered to be amongst some of the most advanced and safe luxury vehicles, some of the features of our car include:

  • It has danger warning, sensors on the axles
  • The bodywork monitors the car's handling


  • Sensors monitor in the car reduces the severity

of the accident and prevent the airbags

  • Standard-fitted assistance systems such as

ABS, Brake Assist and ESP® automatically enter

Into action in critical situations 4+1 seating



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