Car without driver


Cars rental without driver is available at Car Rent Iran , according to our clients demand for any type of sedan, hatchback, 4WDs cars without driver the company provides the requested cars for those individual who like to drive the rented car by themselves ,


The following description is terms and conditions for hire cars without drivers:


  1. Renting cars without driver is possible for all clients aged above 21 and owning a valid driving license who could present all guarantee documents.
  2. Recent model cars (with low mileage) are offered to clients with full insurance. 
  3. The client should keep a good use of the car.
  4. Rented cars are allowed to move 200 KM per day and each KM above this limit will be charged extra as listed in the price list.
  5. Any offence to Iran driving rules and regulations is on client’s responsibility 
  6. Required guarantee documents:
  7. All passengers’ passports and air tickets copies that are on board.
  8. One original passport or cash money as deposit.


After returning the car, all documents are fully returned.

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