Car Rent Iran Terms & Conditions


Before renting a car in Iran, consider these rental regulations:


Age: The minimum age to rent or drive a vehicle is 21.

Documentation: The leasee and additional drivers have to present a valid driving license and passport. Also should sign paper works as rental agreement.

Driveing license: Valid international drivering licenses issued in your Country is acceptable.

Security Deposit: In Iran all the car rental companies require a security deposit to cover the deductibles imposed by the insurance companies. This deposit would be used to cover any violation to the conditions and rules presented on the vehicle rental contract. The deposit amount depends on the car size, type and driver age (it starts from $5000) and it is returned at the end of the rental period.

Important notice: Renting a car with driver doesn’t need a security deposit.

No-show Guarantee: Renter will deposit a no-show amount to Guarantee the car rent.

Car Rent Iran bank account Number will be provided after agreement. For quality service you can provide us all your personal information on the inquiry letter. Car Rent Iran does not charge any extra amount for rental service or tax.

Additional Drivers: Additional drivers may be added to the vehicle rental agreement at a daily charge.

Fuel: Vehicles should be returned with the same amount of fuel as rented to avoid a refueling fee.

Geographic Driving Restrictions: Due to insurance restrictions rented cars are not allowed to leave Iran borders.

Maps: Iran maps are available free of charge at rental counter.

Note: Feel free to e-mail us if you need more information and/or have questions.


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