Car Rent Iran Services

Regarding to help clients and travelers who are interested in visit Iran and travel around country the company provides verity of services which are mentioned bellow:

1. Car rental for different proposes

Our clients have variety of proposes to rent cars or vehicles from our company
Some have regular tourist trip to visit central cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kashan and other cities, Some others intend to visit remote region like desert, national parks or mountainous

We have also clients decide to hire our vehicles for long term rental for their companies and tours.

 2 Hotel reservation in all over Iran

We have long term contract with some hotels in different levels (3,4,5 stars ) , also beautiful traditional guesthouses , to book for our clients who decide to stay in such these hotels and guesthouses , to help them travelers after day of journey to have proper place to stay according to their choices.

 3. Domestic and international air tickets

Sometimes our clients decide to collect their rental car in other cities and intend to travel some port of their journey by domestic flights or change their rout to other counties , as Car Rent Iran has  contracts with airlines the company will help travelers to find proper airlines and seats to keep their traveling .

4. Iran visa references

One of the other our regular services is to apply visa references for who are interested to visit Iran , as we have serial code number from state department to supply such this services to help travelers to receive their visa easily.

5. Guide and local information

Car Rent Iran have this clime that we have best tour guides and local people to help all travelers all around Iran , and we proud of them because of their best quality services and knowledge , they all have common altitude about travelers to help them with best quality services to make memorable journey all around Iran.

 6. Arranging itinerary

Car Rent Iran tour managers in our office are experts to set up an itinerary for our clients to spend their time in right way and help to save their time and money during their journey. 


How to book your services

You need to send your request to Car Rent Iran at least 3 weeks in advance and after agreement on services from both side clients and car rent Iran , the clients should clear all payment 2 weeks before receive their services .

For transaction of payment, ask Car Rent Iran for international company account No.
After Company will receive all amounts, they will send you an email as receipt of your payment to reconfirm your reservation.

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